X-rays are a very important aspect to gathering information about your spine. Not only are they a window into your body allowing Dr. Nyblom to assess the age and status of your joints, but are an exceptional measuring device for spinal subluxation (misaligned vertebrae), spinal curves, bone health, leg length and more. Dr. Nyblom spends extra time marking your x-ray films and gathering vital data as to the cause of your complaints.

Dr. Nyblom insists on having your x-ray films taken while you are standing. That way the doctor can see what your spinal structure is like under stress. It is kind of like looking at a flat tire. It takes the weight of the car to flatten the tire, if you jack up the car and take the weight off the tire, sure changes the look of the tire. The same rule applies to x-rays that are taken while you are laying down, the stress isn't there to show the problems. That is why Dr. Nyblom insists on standing x-rays.

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