Spinal Decompression

When spinal discs become injured to the point of "leaking" out the soft jelly-like center, the recovery process is drastically lenghtened. Along with careful chiropractic adjustments, it becomes necessary to "traction" the disc in a way that it "sucks" the jelly-like center back into itself. This is accomplished through a method called extreme traction or spinal decompression. This is usually a very comfortable process in which it offers relief from symptoms while on the table. Since healing is the ultimate goal, it is necessary to follow a program designed for you by one of our doctors. The standard healing time varies on the exact condition of the disc and person. Upwards of 2 months are typical for severe cases.

Even though we have successfully eliminated the need for surgery in a number of cases, it is not always the case. However, it is always worth the effort to try spinal decompression, as it is harmless, and has the potential when combined with skillful chiropractic adjustments, to eliminate dangerous surgeries. Since 100% of spinal surgeries carry a high percentage of failure and/or recurrance, it is always smart to try everything possible to avoid them. Spinal decompression at Total Health Chiropractic is not only one of the best choices, it is also one of the most affordable choices too.

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