Functional Medicine

If there could be a polar opposite to conventional medicine…functional medicine would be it. The functional medicine approach looks deeper into the problem by looking deeper into the patient….way deeper I’m talking about the kind of questions that give us information that goes way beyond “what is your problem today?” The kind of questions that tell how far from normal is your body functioning, and at the cellular level.

You could say that functional medicine is “patient centered” rather that “disease centered”. It is a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing and treating complex chronic disease by identifying the dysfunction in the biochemistry of the patient. This is not alternative medicine, integrative medicine or holistic medicine. This is called functional medicine.

The way we do this differs with the individual patients. We can utilize a variety of objective tests in the office like the BioMeridian scan, composition analysis and specialty lab panels when they are deemed necessary. But what is most crucial is the particularly detailed health history. We are looking for everything that points to dysfunction, so questions that give us exact information as to how your body as a whole is functioning/malfunctioning, what cells are malfunctioning, what part of the cells is malfunctioning, and under what triggers did this actually begin. Our doctors figure what your cells actually need and what needs to be removed to achieve normal or as near normal function as possible, given the particular situation.

Results can be quite astounding, but always are case specific. As it is in all healthcare, there can be no guarantees as to results you may or may not achieve.

Functional medicine harnesses decades of scientific research in nutrition and physiology and applies it to the patient’s cells. Instead of focusing on the “macro disease,” it focuses on WHAT cells and systems are malfunctioning, WHAT went wrong, when, and most importantly HOW to get things functioning again. This is entirely different, and we get different results.

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