Chronic stabbing pains, tightness, in shoulder

Due to an injury 25 years ago, I have suffered with major tightness, stabbing pains, discomfort and soreness in my right shoulder area. Just sitting, I'd have stabbing pains and soreness. After having been to neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors and medical doctors, my daughter referred me to Total Health Chiropractic saying"Mom, you've got to go to Dr. Taryn." In mid-April, I made an appointment for a consultation. That was the Best decision! I am now getting relief in my shoulder after 10 adjustments. I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. It is truly amazing after living with the pain and discomfort for so many years. I had resigned myself that it was my "way of life". Dr. Taryn told me otherwise! I am so thankful and appreciative to her and Dr. Jeff for their care and caring attitude toward their patients!

Tingly hand and sore shoulder

I had suffered with low back pain, shoulder soreness and right hand tingling for many years. I came to Dr. Nyblom and after just 3 weeks, my condition was 200% better! I feel so-SO much better. I just thought my hand would have been something I would have had to live with, but now my hand feels normal.


Back pain/Severe Diabetes

For the last two months, I have been receiving support and counsel from Total Health Chiropractic. I was originally treated by Dr. Jeff and Dr. Taryn for back pain and was helped greatly. After a few weeks, I began a program of functional medicine and nutrition counseling with Dr. Taryn. The result has been amazing! I am a type 1 Diabetic and have been poorly controlled for years.

Since following the program, I have lowered my blood sugar readings and have MUCH better diabetes control. I am not hungry or do I feel restricted. I have also experienced significantly less pain, weight loss, clearer skin, and clearer thinking. I also seem to handle stress better, sleep better and have experienced a general feeling of overall well-being....I have never before seen such a knowledgeable support staff who genuinely care about patients. They made even the first visit feel friendly and comfortable.

I believe that anyone could benefit by the knowledge, expertise and experience of the doctors and staff at Total Health Chiropractic.


Low back and hip pain

I was experiencing soreness in the lower right back area and right hip. I now have been able to run again without having major back/hip/knee soreness...the experience has been very warm and inviting. I feel like I'm getting the best care possible.


Low back pain/headaches

I had low back pain and headaches which were frequent in my life. I found out that a headache doesn't need Tylenol! After a few minutes with the doctor, my headaches are gone! I sprained my ankle and was walking on it in TWO DAYS! TMJ can be fixed! I could go on forever...Regular Adjustment Work Wonders!


Diabetic/neck pain

I am a 52 year old type 1 diabetic who originally came to see Dr. Taryn because of chronic neck pain. Little did I know how much she would change my life in regards to not only my neck pain, but also my diabetes and my general life.

I have always been a brittle diabetic where my sugars have been out of control. Dr. Taryn started me on a special diet and encouraged me to exercise in the morning. It wasn't too long after starting these changes that my sugar levels started stabilizing, I had more energy, I was able to do more things and I felt better about myself. For years my insulin regimen was changed more than I could count. Now, I rarely have to have my insulin adjusted. Also, before seeing Dr. Taryn, I was in the hospital about every 3 months. Now, it's been over a year since I've been in the hospital.

And as far as my original complaint of neck pain, I can't believe the difference. For many years, I suffered with neck pain. I went to numerous chiropractors, all of whom told me they couldn't do anything for me because I have a fused vertebra in my neck. I was so grateful when Dr. Taryn said she could help me. For the first time in years, I had hope. And now, I can finally move my neck and sleep at night without pain--something I haven't been able to do for a long time.

My wife and I live 45 minutes away from Total Health Chiropractic. We pass quite a few chiropractors on the drive, most of which are in our network for insurance while Total Health Chiropractic is out of our network. But, there is no other place we would rather go other than Total Health Chiropractic. My life has dramatically changed because of Dr. Taryn. I owe so much to Dr. Taryn. Both her and Dr. Jeff and their staff are wonderful and make you feel like family, not just another patient. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!

Mark W.

Breast Lump

I recently noticed a lump in my breast. I decided to ask Dr. Taryn what we could do about this. First I explained my symptoms. It was very sensitive during my cycle. It was the size of a nickle. I started on the medical food powder drink that you just stir into water or your favorite juice. After about a week I got used to the texture.

I noticed good changes in my body right away. Like my ear that had been bothering me felt better and just little changes like that. I was finally listening to my body and it had a lot to say.

When I came back at each visit I would have a little test to see how my body would react when coming into contact with certain minerals, etc. I got to detoxify my body and use 2 more medical food drinks. Finally after three months I had no sensitivity during my menstrual cycle and I searched for a lump and felt nothing. Thank the Lord for leading me to the Nybloms. Thanks to Dr. Taryn for being so patient with me and treating me as an individual. As some places I have not gotten this caring response. You Rock!


Hi, my name is Lisa and let me tell you my little true story:

On August 22, 2010 I woke up fine but within 2 hours I stared to get dizzy, light and sound sensitive, hot and clammy feeling and nauseous. I could feel every heart beat beating faster than it ususally does. I have had many migraines in the past from a brain injury I recieved in 1994 in a car accident so I figured this was a bad one. This was the worst one ever!

The next day I went to see Drs. Jeff and Taryn Nyblom to get adjusted.....I got an adjustment and Chigong for anxiety...later, through a few simple tests, it was determined that I was going through the tough part of menopause. I've heard about some women going through this and figured I'm tough, I can handle this. (NOT) I never realized how much this can shut you down...everyday things are so tough. I was put on 2 nutraceuticals and after a few days began acupuncture because of the success rate being good with women and menopause. I had 1 good day after acupuncture...Later I had Lazer acupuncture which is a little different than the needles....I had a couple of good days...I had my 6 treatments of acupuncture and my body was ready to move on to the next step.

I was again reassured that all of what I was feeling was normal symptoms of menopause and every woman is different and was told at any time if I was uncomfortable and wanted a 2nd opinion I should see my medical doctor. I was thinking that if I did go see my medical doctor, chances are that they will put me on medication for anxiety ... I've had a tough time with side effects in the past and I use medication only as a last resort. I'm sticking with Dr. Nyblom! I have been going to her for 10 years and she knows my history a bit better. And in my heart I knew that if she had seen or suspected anything other than menopause that she would have referred me elsewhere.

It was determined that I had too much estrogen and had toxic liver. So I started a program to detox my liver. It consists of a powder to mix with liquid 2 times a day and following a strict diet....One week into detox I could actually feel changes in my body, more good days! 3 weeks into detox and now I am having more good days than bad days...LOVING IT! 6 weeks into detox and ...Dr. Nyblom has given me my life back!.....I will continue to eat as healthy as I can afford to and getting adjusted every couple of weeks. Possibly starting a different detox depending what my body decides, not anyone else!

Thank you Drs. Jeff and Taryn Nyblom!

Acid reflux

My testimonial for Dr. Taryn,

I was having extreme troubles with an acid reflux problem. The acid was irritating my lungs, increasing asthma reactions and burning my throat, causing hoarsness. It was hard to eat anything without feeling sick to my stomach. There were times when it would feel like there was a volcano in my throat bubbling up. I know something was wrong when I couldn't even drink a glass of plain water without having the volcano of acid bubbling up in my throat. I was put on 3 different antacid medications, which helped, but not always. After a couple of years of doctoring and multiple tests I decided to try one more doctor. That's when I met Dr. Taryn, and that's when she told me I had a hietal hernia. She adjusted the hernia and I was able to eat a normal meal without problems for the first time in months. Her care and guidance to a healthier life has made a world of difference. She helped me more than any medication. Getting her care was the best thing ever, and I am very thankful and grateful.



Wrist pain/ climbing stairs

I first came to Total Health Chiropractic because of the severe pain in both my wrists. After only 3 treatments I was able to put away my wrist braces. I have an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. As a result of this disease, I had not been able to climb stairs for over a year without a great amount of difficulty and the use of a cane. On the evening of my third treatment, I was able to run up stairs, not just once but 3 times! Teh effects of my treatment have been nothing short of miraculous!

Shoulder and ankle injury


I injured both my right shoulder and left ankle on seperate occasions playing with my children. Dr. Nyblom has worked on these areas and they have shown great improvement. I am now taking vitamins and exercising more at Dr. Nyblom's suggestion and in general I am feeling much better. All the people at the office are great!

J. L.

Irritable bowel syndrome

I came in having suffered 2 + years with arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. Medications only made things worse. After my chiropractic care I can have regular bowel movements, and no stomach pain. I now can reach down and pick up things without pain too. I can do everything since getting care. I have no doubts about getting chiropractic care, this is better than a pill! Dr. Nyblom is very caring and my experience has only been great! I have to say that chiropractic treatemtns get at the root of the problem, pills only stop the symptoms. so the problem continues. Sometimes getting worse. When teh body is in balance, everything works the way it should. Try it, you may be suprised!

J. B.

Car accident

Dr. Jeff has helped me with my auto accident injuries! Dr. Nyblom is the STAR!

I am 48 years old and had suffered from chronic headaches and neck pain. Since I started chiropractic care, I have notices an absolute miracle. I have no headaches and I am feeling great! Dr. Nyblom is incredible - it was a good decision to seed treatment with Total Health Chiropractic! Thank you!


Chronic neck and shoulder pain

I experienced chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches and cramping for over 20 years. It interfered with my job and my sleep. Since my treatment my pain and cramping has disappeared along with the headaches! The chiropractic treatment plan was based on a thourough evaluation...The best surprise benefit from my chiropractic treatment is that I have not needed to purchase a bottle of Advil in months! Thank you so much!

C. B.

Childhood ear infections

My son hasn't had an ear infection for over a year since Dr. Nyblom started giving him his "clicks". Thanks to her, he is a happy and smiley 2 year old!


Sprained ankle

My teenage son came in on crutches and by 3:00 didn't need them anymore. His ankle was much better after his treatment.


General Aches

Acupuncture works great on all my aches! Dr. Nyblom has really helped me and my Mom.

D. L.

I Feel Alive Again

I could not walk it with out my husbands help or with a cane and I knew it would only be a matter of time and I would be using a walker, because of my pain. When someone hugged me, I felt like I was being bruised. I also was dizzy and had to hang on to furniture in the house to walk from room to room. A brain Dr. could not find anything wrong and told me to go to a chiropractor. I came to Total Health with little hope. Dr. Taryn said I needed to go gluten free. What did I have to lose? Well, I lost my old age of a bad 85 or a bad 90. I am 71, but feel better than when I was in my 40's. I can walk on my own, have more stamina to do things, and my digestive system is working like it should. I am looking forward to living and being involved and not watching from.the sidelines. Dr. Taryn fixed my dizziness so I am confident walking everywhere. She has given me back a desire to live and to love life again. If you need help physically don't put off making an appointment ...what have you to lose? Except pain and all that goes with it.

Colleen L.

Amazing Chiropractic Care!

I came to Total Health Chiropractic with migraines/headaches, major neck pain, hip and elbow pain. Never having been to a chiropractor before I wasn’t quite sure what could even be done to help alleviate the pain but Dr. Taryn was so kind and informational she made the appointment a breeze! She answered all my questions, explained everything she would be doing and explained more while she was adjusting me. I’ve been getting adjusted for about a month and I haven’t had a migraine or headache since plus my neck, elbow, and hip pain is gone as well! Coming to Total Health was the best decision I’ve made, I would recommend both Dr.’s to everyone who needs chiropractic care.


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