When you think of nutrition, most people think of advice like "eat your vegetables" and "make sure you get 3 servings of dairy products each day" and other "motherly" advice. Yet even nutritionists are unaware of the follies of advice like that.

At Dr. Nyblom's office, nutrition is taken seriously, as the data has changed, yet the RDA (recommended daily allowance) has not. Despite over 70 years of nutritional research proving the RDA inadequate, it still remains the same as it was just after WWII!

Not only is the RDA too low, but the foods we eat are nearly void of nutrition!

Yet spending for prescription drugs ahs exceeded $235 BILLION per year...more than TWICE what was spent just 10 years ago. Yet in those same 10 years, HEART DISEASE has increased 9.3%, CANCER 19.6%, and DIABETES 34.5%!!

These trends don't lie. Something is terribly wrong! Our traditional way of treating disease isn't working. America is 49th in world health....NOT FIRST!!!! We are dead last and are the laughing stock of the rest of the world. We are last in health, yet Americans spend the MOST on healthcare (disease care), and yet think we have the best healthcare system in the world. This couldn't be farther from the truth. America's biggest gross domestic product is sick care.

Not only deficient nutrition is involved in the rapid loss of our nation's health, but toxic overload is abundantly smothering us.

*Studies by the U.S. EPA show that 100% of people had dioxins, PCB's, and

dichlorobenzene in their bodies!

*Over one billion tons of pesticide products are used each year in the U.S.

*In a study of newborn babies, an AVERAGE of 200 industiral chemicals were found in

their umbilical cord blood.

*Pharmaceuticals have been found in surface water and drinking water resources.

* Male fish are spontaneously becoming female from estrogen like chemicals in water.

* Men are becoming estrogen dominant, exhibiting male breasts and more hip/thigh fat.

For the past 100 years, food and drug manufacturers have been engaging in a mass experiment, and you and your loved ones are the text subjects. Neither the FDA nor the food and drug manufacturers can really know by their six month study if the chemicals they produce are safe for long term use or not, and that is why YOU are the test subjects. Think about it, does a six-month study uncover the true effects of using a product for years? And what about the effect of these in our water system when our bodies leech them out in our urine?

There is no denying that each one of us is a living cesspool of toxins and if left untreated, will ultimately deteriorate our lives and bodies. New diseases are cropping up all the time. People are not well. Nutrition is not about eating right anymore, it is far, far more involved than that. Our world has changed and we must change as a matter of survival.

These startling facts are why or doctors dedicate years of their training and experience to functional medicine. This is a completely different way of thinking than the "usual" drugs and surgery approach we all call conventional medicine. Functional Medicine has been around over 30 years, 16 of which has been a part of Total Health Chiropractic's methods. Functional Medicine begins with an unusually detailed history and later uses muscle testing with reflex points combined with the latest research and clinical experience to find out the best path to better health for each patient.

The methods often include a medical food detoxification plan and targeted nutrient formulas. Healthy lifestyle choices that lead to a more optimum life are also part of the comprehensive plan.

Our doctors beel that health is a choice, and each choice we make can impact our health every day. Because of that, our doctors are committed to helping you restore a more normal body and function.

Call us today for one of our in depth functional medicine consultations, to uncover your nutritional issues. Chronic fatigue, Diabetics, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Chronic Headaches, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Acne, or just feeling blaa, all just a few of the conditions functional medicine has helped.


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